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‘Find your new normal’ small group coaching

Starting Friday 3rd April 2020

Whether you were home educating or in school, working from home or out of it, planning a holiday or just meeting up with friends…. life has changed.

You’re invited to join a guaranteed-to-be-small group where I’ll guide you through figuring out how to deal with YOUR specific challenges with everything that’s changed (for free). We won’t be sharing random activity ideas or timetables, I’ll be putting fresh eyes on helping you to decide what’s important in your family and how to make that happen. 

We’ve been a work-at-home and home educating family for 12+ years now, and it’s often easier for someone else to see a way through than trying to figure it out on your own – or even in a group with hundreds of different approaches all coming at you. 

The group is open to all, but will only be open for a limited time and to a limited number of people to keep it safe and focused for those who really want to figure out a new plan for the weeks ahead. We’ll be using Facebook groups (but if you’d really like to participate and don’t use Facebook, let me know – we’ll work something out). 

Interested? Sign up here and I’ll get you added to the group!

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