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The Home Educator’s GCSE Survival Guide is here

About six months ago I had the idea of creating a GCSE planner. I kept coming across recommendations for courses that looked great, but weren’t right for us just yet, or exam centres we might be able to use in the future, and I wanted somewhere to keep them. I also wanted somewhere to keep track of our big picture plans, so I knew we were on track at this important time.

So I started making one. And as I did, I thought of all the things that needed explaining before the planner made sense. So I made a guidebook to explain all of that too. I put it together so it would answer the most common questions and lay everything out in a straightforward step-by-step way, from deciding whether GCSEs are the right approach, to finding exam centres and choosing subjects, and figuring out a plan of attack for preparing for the exams themselves.

And now it’s ready…. The Home Educator’s GCSE Survival Guide is in the shop now! (PS – email subscribers get a special discount. Just sayin’.)

For £10, you get to feel confident in your approach to the teenage years of home educating, with lifetime access to a comprehensive guide to sitting GCSEs as a private candidate. Check it out, and if you’re not there yet, tell your home ed friends with older children. This is the guide I wish I’d had when my eldest was 12 or so. Instead I had to figure it all out myself, but you don’t – result!

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