The Home Educator’s GCSE Survival Guide



Are you wondering how your child can take GCSEs outside of school?

Home educating, with the exam years coming up, and starting to think about GCSEs?

Is taking GCSEs as a homeschooler even possible?

Yes! Yes, it is. And this survival guide and workbook will show you how.

We’ll cover

– What’s the difference between GCSEs and IGCSEs?
– How do I apply to sit exams as a private candidate?
– How do I find an exam centre?
– How do I know what to study for a GCSE?
– Are GCSEs the right option for my child?
– Do they have to take all their GCSEs at 16?

And much, much more.

Using this printable workbook and guide, you’ll be able to understand exactly which GCSEs – or IGCSEs – are suitable to sit as a private candidate, and figure out the plan that’s right for your child.

What’s included

– The Home Educator’s GCSE Survival Guide. This is a full colour digital file that explains all about how to sit GCSEs as a home educator, including planning pages to help you map out your child’s individual journey. Keep this on your computer for reference, or print it out at home.

– The Home Educator’s GCSE Survival Workbook. This digital file is just the planning pages, pulled out into their own black and white workbook so you can print one for each child and have what you need at hand, without using extra paper and ink.

– You will received pdf downloads of each book, which you can save on your computer or print as needed. No physical copies will be sent

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