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Challenge your kids this summer

Lazy summer days with nothing to do are great – up to a point. Sometimes though, just hanging out gets a teensy bit old. Your kids need a little bit of a plan, to make sure you all end the season feeling refreshed and accomplished. Well good news – I’ve got you covered 🙂 By the end of this summer, your kids could improve their body and mind, make life better, and work on their goals. What’s not to love? Let’s get started – buy the summer challenge pack now from the shop.

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Learn Free Conference Q&A

Last week, I did a talk on planning and review at the Learn Free conference (replays are still available if you sign up in the next few days!). Afterwards there was a Zoom Q&A which unfortunately didn’t get recorded. So this is my best attempt at writing up what we covered for those who missed it. Anyone who was there and remembers other comments, please do add them! The benefits of planning. We liked having systems for lots of reasons, mostly that it helped us to feel more confident and settled, and less drifty, about the day ahead. And flexibility…

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What to do with a blank slate day? 6 different approaches to planning your time

In the small group coaching I’ve been doing, we’ve been looking at what’s already working, where the touchpoints are, and how we can use that to put in a general framework for our days that focuses on what is important for each individual family. We’ve all got different ages and needs and requirements for parents and children working, so we’ve been looking at a toolkit of strategies to pick from, rather than trying to apply a one-size-fits-all approach. Here are a few examples of different ways you might want to plan out your time. Many of these overlap, and you…

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‘Find your new normal’ small group coaching

Starting Friday 3rd April 2020 Whether you were home educating or in school, working from home or out of it, planning a holiday or just meeting up with friends…. life has changed. You’re invited to join a guaranteed-to-be-small group where I’ll guide you through figuring out how to deal with YOUR specific challenges with everything that’s changed (for free). We won’t be sharing random activity ideas or timetables, I’ll be putting fresh eyes on helping you to decide what’s important in your family and how to make that happen.  We’ve been a work-at-home and home educating family for 12+ years now, and…

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The power of rhythm (not routine)

I’ve seen them. You’ve seen them. I even have one, of a sort. I’m talking about the daily homeschooling timetables, with maths at 10am, science at 11, complete one exercise from the workbook a day. Don’t get me wrong, having a framework for the day can be super helpful, especially in unusual times. Some people will love a timetable (I’m quite partial to making one – less so to following it). Some will buck against it and refuse to even contemplate the idea. And regardless of preference, most of us will have at least some things that are fixed in…

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How to start planning your own time

For most of us, we either rely on an external structure to push us through our days, or we buck against it. Sometimes a bit of both. This goes for adults and kids alike. Right now, many of us are thrust into a situation where we’re responsible for managing and planning our own time, with little to help anchor us, and it’s a tough prospect. I’ve been doing it for thirteen years and it’s still tough. Added in are the vastly different requirements and priorities we all have. For us, cancelling outside events is a blow, but some of our…

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