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What I’ve learnt about the early years now all my children are past them.

My youngest recently turned eight. While he’s far from grown up just yet, there’s no denying that he’s not a littlie any more. There are many educational and philosophical approaches that treat the first seven years as a particular period of development in a child’s life – for good reason. The early years are uniquely important, challenging – and lovely. It can be hard to take a breath when you’re in the middle of them, but if you get a moment, here’s what I’ve learnt now my four are all firmly in the next stage of life. Learning Playing really…

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The Home Educator’s GCSE Survival Guide is here

About six months ago I had the idea of creating a GCSE planner. I kept coming across recommendations for courses that looked great, but weren’t right for us just yet, or exam centres we might be able to use in the future, and I wanted somewhere to keep them. I also wanted somewhere to keep track of our big picture plans, so I knew we were on track at this important time. So I started making one. And as I did, I thought of all the things that needed explaining before the planner made sense. So I made a guidebook…

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Challenge your home educated teens with outsourced Charlotte Mason classes: A Dreaming Spires Home Learning review

Home educating teens is easier with help – Miss 13 reviews Dreaming Spires Home Learning, online Charlotte Mason classes for secondary aged students.

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Home education plans for 2020-2021

Are you still planning your homeschool year? Not sure how to make all the pieces of home education fit? Mixing GCSEs and younger children and no idea how to make it work? It’s something we all struggle with. It’s taken me a while this year but I think I’ve got our plan for next year tied down now… at least in pencil. Of course what works for us won’t exactly translate to anyone else, but it’s still useful to see how other families plan for home education so you can steal the good bits 🙂 This is how I do…

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Not all those who wander are lost

One of the main benefits of home education is leaving space to wander. That might mean a physical wander – an afternoon nature walk, a break outside when tempers are fraying, picking fresh peas for an afternoon snack – or it might mean a mental wander, time to follow the rabbit trail of a new idea, time to look up the answer to the question right then, time to read the new book or play the new game as soon as it comes out. It could be a wander down a new craft, a new sport, a new endeavour. It…

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Challenge your kids this summer

Lazy summer days with nothing to do are great – up to a point. Sometimes though, just hanging out gets a teensy bit old. Your kids need a little bit of a plan, to make sure you all end the season feeling refreshed and accomplished. Well good news – I’ve got you covered 🙂 By the end of this summer, your kids could improve their body and mind, make life better, and work on their goals. What’s not to love? Let’s get started – buy the summer challenge pack now from the shop.

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