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Edexcel exams for home educators

It’s the latest iteration of my “exams for home educators” table – showing you how accessible different subjects are for home educators to take as private candidates.

The table now includes all Pearson Edexcel GCSEs, IGCSEs and A levels. For each subject you’ll find the exam code, available sittings, and details of how many papers and/or NEA assessments there are. Pale coloured rows are exam only and the easiest to access as a home educator; mid coloured rows are a bit trickier and involve an exam centre willing to organise more complicated assessments like language speaking tests. Dark coloured rows involve a lot of non-exam assessment or practical requirements and are usually very difficult indeed – nothing is impossible but expect to need a willing exam centre, additional tutor support and a lot of cash to pay for it all!

The table lives in the Subscriber Resource Library – join the mailing list to get the password!

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