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The Home Educator’s GCSE Survival Guide is here

About six months ago I had the idea of creating a GCSE planner. I kept coming across recommendations for courses that looked great, but weren’t right for us just yet, or exam centres we might be able to use in the future, and I wanted somewhere to keep them. I also wanted somewhere to keep track of our big picture plans, so I knew we were on track at this important time. So I started making one. And as I did, I thought of all the things that needed explaining before the planner made sense. So I made a guidebook…

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Challenge your home educated teens with outsourced Charlotte Mason classes: A Dreaming Spires Home Learning review

Home educating teens is easier with help – Miss 13 reviews Dreaming Spires Home Learning, online Charlotte Mason classes for secondary aged students.

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Challenge your kids this summer

Lazy summer days with nothing to do are great – up to a point. Sometimes though, just hanging out gets a teensy bit old. Your kids need a little bit of a plan, to make sure you all end the season feeling refreshed and accomplished. Well good news – I’ve got you covered 🙂 By the end of this summer, your kids could improve their body and mind, make life better, and work on their goals. What’s not to love? Let’s get started – buy the summer challenge pack now from the shop.

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Keeping tabs: UK KS3 National Curriculum links

As home educators, we don’t have to follow the National Curriculum. And mostly, we don’t. The freedom to follow a child’s individual interests is one of the great advantages of home educating, whereas the National Curriculum is designed to be a best attempt to cover the needs of all the hundreds of thousands of children that pass through LA-maintained schools every year. It’s just not going to be the best fit for any particular one of those children; that’s not its job. (Not that you’ll get the best fit home educating either; perfect simply isn’t attainable. But I’ve reckon you’ve…

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