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Does home education prepare you for adult life?

Let’s face it, when they’re young, we’ve all had our worries. Will this temperamental, wild, unpredictable little creature ever turn into the confident and competent adult we hope they will one day become, able to adapt to the vagaries of the world they find themselves in? I don’t think this is restricted to home education – every parent wonders from time to time – but if you’ve chosen school, it feels like you can share some of the responsibility with the system that has them from 9am-3pm. With home education it’s all on you. Every parent who chooses home education…

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What I’ve learnt about the early years now all my children are past them.

My youngest recently turned eight. While he’s far from grown up just yet, there’s no denying that he’s not a littlie any more. There are many educational and philosophical approaches that treat the first seven years as a particular period of development in a child’s life – for good reason. The early years are uniquely important, challenging – and lovely. It can be hard to take a breath when you’re in the middle of them, but if you get a moment, here’s what I’ve learnt now my four are all firmly in the next stage of life. Learning Playing really…

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Challenge your home educated teens with outsourced Charlotte Mason classes: A Dreaming Spires Home Learning review

Home educating teens is easier with help – Miss 13 reviews Dreaming Spires Home Learning, online Charlotte Mason classes for secondary aged students.

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How to start planning your own time

For most of us, we either rely on an external structure to push us through our days, or we buck against it. Sometimes a bit of both. This goes for adults and kids alike. Right now, many of us are thrust into a situation where we’re responsible for managing and planning our own time, with little to help anchor us, and it’s a tough prospect. I’ve been doing it for thirteen years and it’s still tough. Added in are the vastly different requirements and priorities we all have. For us, cancelling outside events is a blow, but some of our…

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