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Home education plans for 2020-2021

Are you still planning your homeschool year? Not sure how to make all the pieces of home education fit? Mixing GCSEs and younger children and no idea how to make it work? It’s something we all struggle with. It’s taken me a while this year but I think I’ve got our plan for next year tied down now… at least in pencil. Of course what works for us won’t exactly translate to anyone else, but it’s still useful to see how other families plan for home education so you can steal the good bits 🙂 This is how I do…

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Not all those who wander are lost

One of the main benefits of home education is leaving space to wander. That might mean a physical wander – an afternoon nature walk, a break outside when tempers are fraying, picking fresh peas for an afternoon snack – or it might mean a mental wander, time to follow the rabbit trail of a new idea, time to look up the answer to the question right then, time to read the new book or play the new game as soon as it comes out. It could be a wander down a new craft, a new sport, a new endeavour. It…

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Learn Free Conference Q&A

Last week, I did a talk on planning and review at the Learn Free conference (replays are still available if you sign up in the next few days!). Afterwards there was a Zoom Q&A which unfortunately didn’t get recorded. So this is my best attempt at writing up what we covered for those who missed it. Anyone who was there and remembers other comments, please do add them! The benefits of planning. We liked having systems for lots of reasons, mostly that it helped us to feel more confident and settled, and less drifty, about the day ahead. And flexibility…

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What to do with a blank slate day? 6 different approaches to planning your time

In the small group coaching I’ve been doing, we’ve been looking at what’s already working, where the touchpoints are, and how we can use that to put in a general framework for our days that focuses on what is important for each individual family. We’ve all got different ages and needs and requirements for parents and children working, so we’ve been looking at a toolkit of strategies to pick from, rather than trying to apply a one-size-fits-all approach. Here are a few examples of different ways you might want to plan out your time. Many of these overlap, and you…

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